I walk the streets with a wide white grin
I'll be your leader.
Sing of love, lust and sin
I am a winner.
Stroke my ego like a cat in heat
It makes me dizzy.
Pay respect to rocks newest king
I'll grant you pity.

I take your money and I laugh in your face
You know you like it.
Follow me blindly to the edge of the earth
That's where I'll leave ya'.
I take the stage like a thief with a gun
It gives me power.
I crawl inside you and I grip your soul
It leaves you pleading.

Close my eyes to sleep and I'm drowning in blackness
I got what I wanted, now I can't dream it!

You built the walls and I kicked em' down
It made me bitter.
But now that I'm the king of this town
Your gonna pay me.

Project 6
Copyright© 1992. All rights reserved.