Forced Reality

Taste the painful start, damned to be a man
A child at heart, can you comprehend?
Babes who've lost their youth, social ties are broken
Families turned their backs, truths are left unspoken

It is just a cruel joke, that's been played by fate
Contraception failed, it was not a dumb mistake
They never saw it comming, till it slapped them in the face
Responsible for a new life now, reality forced in place

Looking for an answer, in the bottom of a bottle
Contemplating suicide, it is not no solution
You must face up, to your own actions
Babies on its way, children drawn to bear it


Easy solutions, lie in a surgeons hands
It's not a legal option, in this troubled land
Slip of the knife, futures are left shattered
Two lives are lost, gone now forever!

Project 6
Copyright© 1992. All rights reserved.