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On the evening of May 3rd, 1990, a young couple was walking on the beach in South Jersey when the girl saw a falling star, or at least that's what she thought it was. But no, it was much more. You see, some 20 odd years ago a being from a far off star had come to earth (it was actually a pet that an alien child had put into a time-space continuum to see what would happen).

This Glim, as it was called on Glorp, a planet light years away, was a tiny lime green creature no more than a foot tall. The Glim enjoyed Earth¼s simple pleasures: the food, beer, but most of all the music, which was nothing like the stale keyboard crap back home on Glorp. He visited nightclubs in New York, Houston, Chicago, Paris - all over the world. But he liked the San Francisco Bay Area the best. So he decided he would clone a band to take home to Glorp.

He took hairs from a singer/guitar player on the first night, from a bass player the next night and a drummer the following night. He would have gone on for a week or more and had a whole damn orchestra! But on that third night, he was suddenly zapped back to Glorp by the alien child's parents. The family pet was saved!

You see, what was seconds on Glorp, was more than a month on Earth. Time enough to listen to a whole planet of music. In secret, the Glim cloned the chosen three (it took six separate cloning procedures to achieve success) and tried to accommodate them with Glorpian ale to drink and smogrites to eat. He got them a gig at the Lamgorian lounge. They were a smash hit of the underground scene on Glorp. But when they hit the ?ig time¾ the enormoheaded ones - high rulers of the Glorpian empire found them out. They decided they were a bad influence on the populace and decreed that they must be exterminated along with the green mass from whence they came. But the Glim loved them, so he sent them back to Earth to warn its inhabitants.

Project 6 is: Joe Miller - Guitar & Lead Vocals Chris Walcott - Drums & Vocals Dave Chavez - Bass & Vocals Joe Cavanaugh- Bass & Vocals

UPDATE The members of Project 6 have discovered the existence of sticks of wood, that when thrown properly, return to the thrower. On Earth these are referred to as boomerangs. Back on Glorp there are similar devices called Bel airs. All the members of Project 6 have now joined the United States Boomerang Association. In addition to this they also wrote a song about boomerangs which describes how they are the perfect metaphor for life. What goes around, comes around.


FAD Magazine - Paul Hirsch

From out of the working class neighborhoods of the Oakland / Berkeley bordder comes this hard-working power trio. This tough little unit plans to muscle it's way into the scene. With a heart-felt attempt to rock your socks.

This band plays with all the intensity of a skate punk band. But their material leans toward 70's power rock (Stones, Who, B' SDabbath, Grand Funk Railroad.) lately they've been digging out some cool 70's covers in their live shows. Which they add to the list of their original stuff.

They make a great bar band. And after a shitty day at work, this could be the thing you need to set you straight. Work hard - play harder ...

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Weekley Warped News (back of the promo pac)

Brave New World With Bug Lamp and Rug Doctor.
Omni Headlining!
Covered Wagon Saloon KoKo's Birthday! With Grinch.
Covered Wagon Saloon Joe's Birthday! With Hell's Kitchen and Molehill.
Brave New World With Freek Show Hodown and Wax.
Your Place Too With Anal Mucus, Scrible and Prick.